Here are various different companies that have ties to Scrubbies.


They're most certainly worth checking out. You can do so by clicking on the company logo, or the link below the logo.

CYKO Ltd produce high quality cleaning solutions. From vehicle cleaning to hand wipes, you can count on them to "brighten" up the day!

CYKO Hygiene is under the parasol that is CYKO LTD. They specialise in more personal cleaning solutions.

This unique product makes cleaning your bike/car less of a task, due to the instant soaping properties of the pads provided. 

Wax Jackets Cleaned can turn your lifeless waxed garments into rejuvinated items that have been brought back from the brink of discard. To see some proof, check out some of their work (to the right).




The before image (on the left) is before the restoration work was complete. 


As you can see the work is magnificent, the jacket has been given a new life! 

Do you own a dog? If you answered yes, then this product is for you. The all new Scrub-N-Rub will allow you to clean your furry best friend with minimal effort, in no time at all!